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Engineering Technical Center

The need to continuously expand the range of manufactured ventilation equipment, improve energy efficiency, develop modern turbo-machines according to individual requirements for various technological purposes has determined one of the basic requirements to a modern machine-building enterprise that is the establishment of a scientific research complex.

For twenty years of design, production, warranty and post warranty service of equipment, specialists of Donventiliator Company have accumulated sufficient experience for objective formulation of the requirements for modern turbo-machines which are connected not only with their operation, but also with the requirements to ecology and economy.

In 2014, specialized experts of Donventiliator Company were gathered into a single unit called Engineering and Technical Center. The main objectives for the establishment of such a Center were the following:

Own accredited aerodynamic laboratory is a powerful tool for the research and improvement of turbo-machines and the creation of machines according to individual customer requirements in the shortest possible terms. Using classical methods of aerodynamic calculation and modern CFD methods of numerical analysis, the specialists of the Center managed to develop their own method of aerodynamic design of turbo-machines, taking into account the three-dimensional nature of viscous fluid flow, while minimizing design period and the amount of experimental work.

Given the continuous operational mode and the tendency to increase specific energy per unit weight of ventilation units, the most important requirement for the newly created machines is the economy, while the well-proven commercial machines often do not meet individual customer requirements. Based on the above mentioned, the principles of Engineering and Technical Center are the following:

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