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Roof fans ВКР

Rooftop fan





Fans are manufactured in accordance with TU U 28.2-37216486-004: 2012:

Roof fans for smoke extraction




ВКР fans are designed to remove air and other non-explosive gas-air mixtures that do not contain sticky substances and dust in excess of 100 mg /m3 from industrial and public buildings. The temperature of the transported medium must not exceed + 80 ° C.

ВКР fans are installed on the roofs of industrial and public buildings and can operate both without a network and with a network of air ducts. ВКР fans can be additionally equipped with glasses, valves and pallets.

Buy a Roof Fan

Roof fans are manufactured according to the specifications. The main advantage of this model is & mdash; the possibility of using both without connecting to airways, and (if necessary) with connection to the ventilation system.


ВРК are monoblocks in various designs:

  • general industrial
  • Anticorrosive
  • protected from explosion.

Sheet metal is used to make the case. In the inner space is the impeller, whose blades are bent in the direction opposite to that in which the wheel itself rotates.

Roof exhaust fans



The impeller drive in the vertical direction protects the casing, also made of sheet metal, from the deposits. The WRC is attached to the roof by anchors. To do this, holes are drilled on the flange of the lower part of the body. Additional items can optionally be included in the package, increasing the protective characteristics. Accordingly, in this case, the price of a roofed ВКР is increased by a fan.

The fan of the roofed ВРК is mounted on the roof of various purposes. In this case, the roof covering can be made of any material. The angle of the ramp does not matter. Therefore, to buy a roof fan is profitable. This device perfectly fulfills the function of the exhaust ventilation system, air flows are thrown into the overhead space in the horizontal direction.

Cost of roof fans



Rooftop fans whose price is quite affordable, widely used in the ventilation systems of both residential buildings and objects of any other purpose. They are installed in production premises for use either in the ventilation system of general air exchange, or as roof fans of smoke removal.


The affordable cost of roof fans allows them to enter the complete line of technological lines in order to comply with sanitary standards. Sometimes this is necessary for production purposes. It is not allowed to include ВКР in heating systems. It is impossible to apply them also when in air streams the maintenance of fire and explosive components.


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