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Fans are made according to ТУ У 29.2-24321588-003-2003:

Construction diagram of fans BO “K+CA” (“K” blade wheel, “CA” directing vanes).

BO fans consist of a case, blade wheel, collector and electric motor.
Case of fans are made of flat steel welding structure and consist of a ring, directing vanes and two flanges. The flanges are welded to the exterior side of a ring and are intended for fastening of fans to air-ducts. The directing vanes are welded to the inner side of a ring, quantity of blades of directing vanes – 17.

The blade wheel of fans is made as a flat steel welded structure and consists of a ring, two discs, a hub and blades. Quantity of blades of the blade wheel – 12. The blade wheel of fans is installed directly on electric motor shaft.
The collector is made as a sheet metal welded structure and consists of a ring, two flanges and a spinner. The collector is fastened to the flange of fan from the side of handled medium flow inlet.

Output and full pressure values of BO fans depend on the angle of installation of wheel blades. Angles of wheel blades installation change within the range from -10 to +10 with a pitch 5.


BO axial fans are intended for gas-air mixtures handling with a temperature from -40°C to +40°C without sticky substances, fibrous materials containing dust and other solid mixtures in quantity not more than 0.01 g/m3.
BO fans are applied:

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