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Fans ВД and ВДН



Fans are produced according to ТУ У 29.2-24321588-002-2003:


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It is difficult to imagine the full operation of powerful boilers without draft plant. Devices that provide forced air supply are necessary for every industrial and energy facility.This kind is used to create traction in technological combustion devices for propellant fans ВДН.

Fan ВДН price



The centrifugal blowing fan is necessary to maintain or enhance the combustion process in large industrial small and medium-sized furnaces and boiler plants.

It helps to circulate the air. Designed for continuous operation indoors and outdoors (under a canopy). Fan blowing ВДН can work at a temperature of the air masses being moved not below -30 °C.

The blower fan blows a one-sided air intake, which is due to its design. It consists of:

Each element performs a strictly defined function. The frame of the whole system is the body. Blades - they draw air. A high-quality electric motor provides movement to the impeller.

Ventilator blowing air



The blowing fans for boilers are produced in accordance with ТУ У 29.2-24321588-002-2003. For this, high-strength materials are used, namely:

  1. сarbon steel;
  2. stainless steel.

When choosing a fan, pay attention to the following nuances: the assembly diagram, the direction of rotation. The diameter of the impeller and the motor with which the device operates. In addition, distinguish fans ВДН characteristics:

Fan blowers for boilers



The characteristic of the fan blower speaks about the reliability and strength of the device. And also, about high performance equipment. Due to the unique design and durability of the material, it is durable in operation and has long established itself in the market.

Our factory offers the best, tested fan models. Many enterprises have already assessed the reliability of equipment. You can order products that meet both your requirements and international standards on the website.

Ventilator blowing centrifugal



Fan ВДН price is given in the price list. The cost varies depending on the configuration (engine power). The prices indicated are not final: we guarantee flexibility in the formation of commercial offers.

For all interesting questions about the fan blowing price we will give answers by phone, indicated in contacts. Also we will answer your e-mail, sent to [email protected]

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