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Exhaust fans Д and ДН of one-way suction



The smoke exhausters are manufactured according to ТУ У 29.2-24321588-002-2003:


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Single suction suction



It is necessary to prevent certain air pollution values, which are established by safety precautions, at various production facilities. Maintaining optimal conditions first of all is necessary in order not to damage the health of those, who directly works with the technology or is simply in the room.

Smoke blower ДН producer



To date, such devices as single-suction suction fans are in great demand. Their purpose is to suck off various flue gases, which violate the comfortable conditions in the room.

Please note that industrial ДН smoke exhaust fans can be installed both indoors and outdoors in a temperate climate.

Smoke blower ДН price



Many people are interested in the price set for the smoke exhauster. The cost will depend on the size of the device, its functionality, the manufacturer and many other parameters that should be considered when choosing a smoke exhaustor.

Pay attention to the warranty period that installs on the smoke exhauster ДН manufacturer. To be able to correctly determine the location for the device, remember before buying such equipment as a smoke detector ДН drawings of the room in which the installation will take place. The installation of the device must be entrusted to the professional of his business.

Buy smoke pump ДН



If you are planning to buy a smoke exhauster, you need to take into account several points. The main criteria are when choosing a smoke detector device ДН characteristics, which are indicators of the functionality of the equipment.

It is worth examining and on smoke exhausters ДН passport, which reflects the power of the device and many other data.

Smoke exhausters for industrial vehicles



Most smoke exhausters are designed for long work. The choice of the device will depend on which room, what conditions it is planned to install it.

At the moment the equipment can be made of several materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, and also dissimilar metals. Observe the maximum and minimum temperature at which the device can function. It is also important to pay attention to the fact that exhauster was manufactured in accordance with the standards that are determined by ГОСТ, which can in turn guarantee a long service life.

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