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Exhaust fans for special purposes ДН-15НЖ, ДН-17НЖ


Intended for suction of hot sulfur-containing and dust-laden smoke fumes from furnaces of technologic burning of metallurgical concern applied at nonferrous-metals industry, as well as for aggressive media handling in chemical industry.

Special Purpose Smoke Exhangers



Smoke exhausters of the ДН-НЖ type refer to the centrifugal smoke exhausters of a special purpose, single suction. This type of equipment (exhauster) is used in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy to remove flue gases containing sulfur and dust from industrial furnaces in metallurgy and they are also used in the chemical industry to remove an aggressive chemical environment.

Used in the production of smoke exhausters ДН-НЖ technical characteristics have such basic indicators:

Special purpose smoke exhausters can work for a long time outdoors and indoors. They are made with a cantilever wheel, the rotation of which can be of two types: right (clockwise relative to the electric motor) and left. Material of manufacture – stainless steel of durable brands. In chimneys, cooling of the chassis shaft is used, since during operation it is necessary to protect the bearings from heating. The design features of the chassis allow you to change the bearings without removing the shaft.

Smoke exhausters of the type ДН-НЖ



More often than not, in the industry smoke exhausters of such standard sizes are used: ДН-15НЖ and ДН-17НЖ.

ДН-15НЖ Smoke Pump and ДН-17НЖ Smoke Pump are similar in their purpose and main parameters, although they have slightly different technical characteristics:

Smoke exhausters of the type ДН-НЖ



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