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Exhaust fans Д and ДН of two-way suction



Smoke exhausters are made of carbon steel.


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Smoke exhaust fan double suction drawing



Smoke exhauster – these devices (exhaust fans) for flue gas evacuation, catching ash and combustion products from heat power plants.

Exhauster Д -used to remove smoke from the premises, in the absence of natural ventilation and installed over:

The flue gas pump ДН is used for the same facilities and conditions as for the smoke exhaustor Д, as well as for operation in the elevated temperature mode and ash collection system. Impeller bearings are protected by a hub.

Exhauster Д two sided suction price



Smoke detectors Д and ДН, in contrast to the ВДН fan, have more thickened cochlear walls.

  1. * Impeller (carbon steel) + 200 °C - 250 °C
  2. ** Impeller (alloy steel) + 400 °C
  3. *** Lower temperature mode is 30 °C.

Smoke exhaust D double suction suction manufacturer



Дхх2 and Дх2 - double-suction suction dampers are used for the selection of flue gases from fuel assemblies and gas and mazut boilers.

Smoke blower ДН drawings and structural elements are described in the instructions.

Smoke exhausters Д, ДН industrial double suction



The work schedule for servicing the smoke exhaustor ДН:

  1. With each oil change, flush bearings with kerosene;
  2. Check the condition of the lubricating rings;
  3. Gate valves must be closed;
  4. Manually check the rotation of the rotors (rotation without effort);
  5. Ensure that the clutch is in good working order;
  6. Check engine rheostat.

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