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Mill fans



Fans are produced according to ТУ У 29.2-24321588-002-2003:


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Fan mill ВМ



Mill fans are required for any production. Units are designed to move dust without the participation of hostile and explosive components from the premises of the enterprise. They compose lines in the field of metal production at firms of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, organization of pulverizing of stationary steam boilers of different steam production capacity during grinding of solid non-explosive rocks in drum-ball mills.

And also on many other industrial companies, on which dust according to abrasiveness and predisposition to sticking on the blades of the operating wheels of the fan should not differ from coal dust. The range of offered fans is quite large and each customer will be able to find units that are suitable for their enterprise in their characteristics.

Mill fan ВМ 15



Each model of the proposed mill type fans has its own characteristics. Since they are designed to work on various industrial sites, each of which has its own technological features, but the main nodes and aggregates of these devices are almost identical. Each of the proposed products consists of:

In order to buy fans, it is necessary to familiarize with the offered models to choose the necessary devices and make an order.

Mill fan ВМ 17



The devices are produced in the right, when the motor drives the impeller clockwise or left-handed, When the motor rotates the impeller counterclockwise. The impeller of such devices is equipped with curved blades. Each model has a certain number of blades.

The efficiency and power of the apparatus is chosen in connection with the criterion of exploitation and, starting from this, the best size and the variation of the necessary technical equipment are chosen.

Fans are very reasonable price mills, they are made of corrosion-resistant metals and when used correctly, the device will last for many decades during maintenance operations.

Manufacture of mill fans



The technical characteristics of these devices in each model are different. Each brand has its own power, speed, output, weight and full pressure. Also, each model has its own dimensions, connecting dimensions, fan dimensions, as well as aerodynamic and acoustic characteristics. Therefore, to choose the right model will not be difficult.

The existing variety of models allows you to equip any enterprise with the necessary devices of this type of any size and the necessary technical characteristics. The offered fans are manufactured qualitatively and meet all the requirements.

The mill fan ВМ-15 is needed for the pneumatic transportation of various air mixtures.

Mill fans are often used in enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. In stationary boilers, as a rule, different steam production capacities are therefore important in the dust preparation system. They are also important in the grinding of solid non-explosive fuel, which is in a drum-ball mill.

Mill fan ВМ 15 price



It is important to trace the dustiness of the environment, it should not be greater than 80 grams per cubic meter. Mill fans can only be used in rooms or outdoors. All devices are certified and tested according to ГОСТ standards.

The temperature in the snail should not be below -30 degrees and the permissible temperature of the air mixture is not more than 70 degrees. The diameter of the impeller is 1500, and the flywheel moment of the rotor is 335 kgf. The rotation frequency is 1500. The fan has good performance and power on the shaft. The maximum fan efficiency is 82%.

Weigh the fan is not much at all only 1.98 kg and this without the engine itself. The complete set includes a chassis with impeller and frame, a snail that has an inlet pipe, and an electric motor drive.

Mill fan BM 17 technical specifications



The fan mill BM 17 is able to move coal dust without aggressive and explosive inclusion. The equipment can transport gas-air masses with a temperature of +200 at the inlet and outlet -30 degrees. The fan mill BM 17 technical characteristics are very good for such a price.

The fan mill BM 15 price is listed on our website. Fan mill BM 15 has found a very wide application in manufacturing and in industry. Enterprises are most often metallurgical. Everything also meets all the requirements of ГОСТ 15150, fans are used in temperate climates with a temperature of -40 to +40 degrees and a humidity of 80 percent.

The production of mill fans takes place in our country. The fan of the BM is operated by an electric motor.

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