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Fans of local ventilation ВМЭВО

Mine fans of local ventilation are designed to ventilate dead line mine openings in coal and ore mines, including gas or dust hazardous by means of air supply via flexible or rigid pipeline with diameters from 0.6 to 1.2 meters and up to 2500 meters in length. They are also used by tunneling excavation and tunnels driving.

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To ensure that in the airing room, which is especially necessary in production, you will need equipment such as a fan of local ventilation. This technique is established if the conventional ventilation system is not sufficient to circulate air, so that one air mass is replaced by another - more recent. For today, fans of local airing of ВМЭ are in great demand. They are quite effective, which can be attributed to their advantages.

Local ventilation fan

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Models such as a local ventilator fan of ВМЭ 8 can be installed, if necessary, even in mine rooms, if the model is designed according to its characteristics. When choosing it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the parameters of a particular model, so you can make sure that it is suitable for installation in a room.

This is especially true if you need fans of local airing in the mines. Such devices are necessary first of all, so that you can ensure a safe working environment, which is very important.

Fans of local ventilation ВМЭ



Our factory offers you on favorable terms to order such equipment as mine fans of local airing. We manufacture equipment from quality materials, which ensures a long service life. All fans are manufactured in accordance with ГОСТ.

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