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Ventilating gas-suction units УВЦГ

Ventilator gas-sucking units



To prevent explosions in the mines, methane gas mixture is used by gas-ventilating fan units. One of the varieties of such designs is a ventilator centrifugal gas-suction unit.

Ventilating centrifugal gas-sucking installation



Similar complexes are represented by several models. Basic components:

  1. A centrifugal fan, which is the main component. The motor of the fan is protected from explosions.
  2. Mixer.
  3. Becoming pipes.
  4. Damper.
  5. Fittings for the selection of a mixture of air and methane.
  6. Branch pipe.

Gas-ventilating fans in the mine



The gas-ventilating fan units in the shaft must be adapted for operation at high temperatures and humidity. The parameters of the operation of the УВЦГ:

Installing the centrifugal fan



A vented gas blowing unit ensures removal of a mixture of methane and air from the mine through a special air duct. Suction of the flows of the explosive mixture and its outlet to the surface are provided by a powerful mine fan. It is constructed so, so as not to create high vibrations during operation.

Fresh air is fed into the mine. Control of the installation is provided by operators for which special rooms are fitted. The centrifugal fan is installed on the surface, on a special foundation.

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