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Main ventilation fans series BO-Д

Mine reversive axial single-stage fans of the ВО-ДР and ВО-ДН series are designed for ventilation of closed and operating mines, mines, tunnels, and also can be used in general industrial reversible ventilation systems.

Fan axial industrial price



The necessary part is an axial fan for industrial hoods. It will purify the air and maintain the optimum temperature regime in the tunnels. The maintenance of the temperature is due to the constant pumping or drawing of air.

The fan axial industrial price allows it to be installed in small and large mines and mines. This article will discuss the pros and cons, the operating principle and the main elements of this fan.

The kit includes a household reversible fan:

Axial fan for industrial hood



The most important element in the fan it is an electric motor from which an axis signal with an impeller is transmitted. The impeller consists of a blade and a screw, the blades can have a minimum size of ten centimeters, the maximum size is one meter. As a rule, the impeller is made of stainless steel. The electric motor's power averages 800 watts.

Axial fan industrial buy possible at a very reasonable price with this this does not affect the quality and reliability of the device. Low noise, compact, economy and simple design.

Axial fan industrial buy



The case is not very sensitive to impacts and small loads. Also, the air mass pressure is insignificant, which increases the pressure on the mine fan. To minimize the load, the blades are made of metal, which affects the increase in cost. Fan ВО price will suit everyone. Call us!

Mine reversible axial single-stage fans series ВО-ДР and ВО-ДН are designed for ventilation of the closed down and operating mines, ore mines, tunnels, as well as for general purpose industrial reversing ventilation systems.

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