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Installations of main ventilation КСРП-В (АВМ) and КСРП-П (АВР)

Installations of main ventilation КСРП-П (АВМ) Installations of main ventilation КСРП-П (АВМ) Installations of main ventilation КСРП-В (АВМ) Installations of main ventilation КСРП-В (АВМ)

Main ventilation settings of АВМ type



Ventilation installations of the main ventilation serve to reverse the flow of air in the mines. They ensure a uniform supply of oxygen throughout the tunnel area. In addition, these devices can achieve the required indicator of depression of the mine .

Main airing settings



Main ventilation installations can be classified into centrifugal and axial. The first are made of left-hand and right-hand rotation and are executed in two versions, one-sided and two-sided. The second is performed by two-stage with four blades of blade type.

Main ventilation installations of the type АВМ and АВР have a number of significant design features, among which are:

That is why most mine owners prefer to purchase the construction of the КСРП. In addition, we offer democratic prices for the equipment provided.

Ventilator installations of main ventilation



Often the selection process brings a lot of discomfort. In practice, the difference is quite significant, and each design is selected according to the needs:

  1. КСРП-В. Fans for mines and tunnels, where the level of depression is maintained at a low or medium level. Reversal of the air jet reaches 80%.
  2. КСРП-П. It is used in mines and mines where it is necessary to achieve the air reversal parameter of 100%.

Order the ventilation units of the main ventilation in our company, and in the near future you will be able to assess the advantages of using productive equipment.

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