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Vibration isolators

Vibro-isolators for fans at the moment have two main types, based on the specification: rubber, brand ВР and spring, brand ДО.

This type is equipped with explosion-proof fans of industrial type. Manufactured from rubber mixture 51-1562 ТУ 105 1325-79 isolators ВР perfectly cope with the task of reducing sound and mechanical vibrations during the operation of electric motors. Such fluctuations have a destructive effect on both the fan itself and the system in which it is installed.

Vibration isolators for fans



In the free state, the height of all models is 80 mm.

Spring-loaded vibration isolators



Another type - this is spring-loaded vibration isolators. Used for fans of radial (centrifugal) type. Reducing the dynamic load positively affects the life of the equipment, increasing its reliability. The construction of this vibration isolator includes a spring of cylindrical shape and fixing metal plates.

For noise reduction, the attachment to the structure passes through a rubber gasket, rubber washers for bolts are also used. This vibration isolator is not very effective for fans with a capacity of 400-500 rpm.

It is very important to choose a model with the appropriate load capacity, because if the limit is exceeded, the spring may contract so much that it will lose its efficiency.

Characteristics of vibration isolators



Only by calculating the required permissible maximum weight affecting the structure, you can purchase vibration isolators the price varies depending on the model type. The selected vibration isolator can be bought not only in specialized stores, but also on Internet resources.

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