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Noise in ventilation - one of the production factors that have a negative impact on the performance of employees. Therefore, the issue of eliminating noise or reducing its level to the minimum allowed by the norms is very relevant. The main causes of noise - this is the swirl of air during its transportation, the wrong installation of the fan or the incorrect operation of its engine.

Flexible inserts to centrifugal fans - this is the mounting part of the ventilation, It provides additional sealing of its joints and prevention of occurrence of vibration and its consequence - noise. The operating temperature of the transport air for the inserts is in the range of -27˚ to + 260˚С. Operating humidity percentage is 60%.

Such flexible inserts for fans are made of galvanized steel, plasticized or nylon fabric. If the operating temperature is at its upper limit (+ 260 °C), the insert is made of special structural glass steels, and is of the type of heat-resistant glass.

The flexible insert for ventilation is a housing, allowing it to be attached to the flanges of the fans using racks or bolts. In the middle of the shell of the insert is a tissue tape, which ensures the integrity of the channel. Inserts flexible to radial centrifugal fans are classified and respectively, are marked depending on:

Flexible inserts are round, rectangular



For example, a flexible insert type B is mounted on the suction side of the fan. Depending on the type of fan, another name for the insertion B is the flexible insert BP (received from the fan type BP). Another name is the flexible insertion of the ВГ.

Flexible insert type H, which is mounted in the blower outlet of the fan (the connection point of the fan exhaust to the air duct). It is used for working with fans of ВЦ, ВВД, etc. types.

Another name for type B inserts is flexible round inserts. Type H also has a name - a flexible rectangular insert.

Heat-resistant inserts have their designation:

Determine and select the best insertion parameter, flexible to radial fans, the price can also be on specialized sites-markets on the Internet, where manufacturers are already engaged in certain niches in this industry. Attention of the buyer here are presented as raw materials in various price categories, and finished products in a wide range.

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