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Umbrellas ventilation systems

Umbrellas of ventilation systems made of galvanized steel



Umbrellas (diffusers) of ventilation systems - one of the design parts included in the ventilation ventilator used in enterprises, in order to improve efficiency system. It is installed on the head of the exhaust channel of the deflector, working under the law of Bernoulli.

This law explains the creation of some vacuum in the upper zone of the head, which allows you to direct air masses from the tube to the outside, to remove carcinogenic substances contained in the air, fats, and also excessive heat and moisture.

Umbrellas for ventilation systems are rectangular



The shape and shape of the umbrella depends directly on the shape of the existing chimney, as well as on the design purpose, which affects the parameter, such as the umbrellas of steel ventilation systems, the price considered below.

Types of diffusers used:

  1. Circulating. For cleaning air in food industry. It is installed above the elements of the thermal equipment - furnaces, fryers, etc.
  2. Evacuation. For cleaning air in the premises of chemical production. Install above the rooms containing dangerous concentration of pollutants.

Ventilation system umbrellas price



Consider the types of constructions of the latter.

1 type. Umbrellas of ventilation systems are rectangular with a rectangular diffuser and an exhaust channel. Are installed on the chimneys of a rectangular shape.

2 type. Umbrellas of ventilation systems are round with a round diffuser and an exhaust channel. They are installed on chimneys of circular shape.

ГОСТ umbrellas of ventilation systems



According to ГОСТ, the materials for diffusers are:

Umbrellas of ventilation systems from sheet galvanized steel



The general list of umbrellas for ventilation systems ГОСТ, which will help in the correct choice of material and installation:

With such a parameter, as the umbrellas of ventilation systems, the price can also be found on the specialized website of the Internet, where the suppliers are presented with a large selection of materials of different price categories.

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