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Ventilation passage assembly



It is impossible to spend time inside a building with comfort, if there is no good ventilation. In general, its location should be planned at the design stages. As a rule, ventilation ducts pass through the roof, but how to conduct them in this way, so that the roof does not leak after this?

Therefore, it is very important to properly mount the ventilation passage assembly through the roof. The nodes of the exhaust ventilation ducts are mounted on the roof. It can have a different design. In many models, it looks similar. Its purpose is to transport dirty air from the room to the outside.

Pipe pass nodes



Install the ventilation unit of the passage, as a rule, on the roofing material or the reinforced concrete glasses intended for this purpose. Depending on the roof covering, the parameters and the thickness of the material for creating the roofing cake, and even the very type of ventilation, their size and shape can be radically different. Which type to choose will depend on the conditions created inside the premises used. It is very important, what kind of dust, humidity, gas pollution and so on.

The ventilation system is a plexus of pipes, Removing contaminated or heated air from the inside out. In the case of production rooms, improved air circulation is required, which is created by a high-power fan installed in the system. In larger rooms, ventilation systems are more complex. The duct passage nodes are a structure that:

Aeration ventilation unit



Any node in the passage of the ventilation shaft contains a hole of the correct size. In it is established a branch pipe, fastening to a glass of concrete installed on the floor. The unit for the passage of exhaust ventilation chambers is installed by means of anchor bolts. In case the roof is metal, the fastening principle does not change, but here the glass is replaced by a stronger one made of metal.

A support ring enters the gangway assembly, thanks to which the structure is securely connected to the roof surface. With the help of flanges, it connects better - one is mounted on the duct from below, and the upper acts as a support for the ventilation hub, which protects the branch pipe from precipitation falling inwards. From inside a special ring is installed in the pipe to drain condensate.

The pipe-passing unit in each individual case has its own marking. In appearance, this designation of letters and numbers, say, УП2-03. So it is more convenient to find the nodes of the passage, the price of which suits you. The last two digits indicate the structural size. The spread of the numbers goes from one to ten. The first digit shows an individual design.

Ventilation port



For example, you ask the “pass node to buy” and get a list of several notations. The first digit indicates “01”. This means that there is no condensate ring and valve in the system. “02” Also denotes the absence of rings, but there is a mechanical valve. “03” - means, there is both that, and another. For each node of the passage, the price will vary depending on the technical characteristics. Therefore, it is very important to correctly indicate both the first and second digits in the product labeling.

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