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Chimney draft deflector



Chimney deflector for traction reinforcement - one of the main components of ventilation, ensuring the creation of the necessary climate in the ventilation system. Design of the deflector consists of an inlet pipe, body, hood and external cylinder (umbrella). The main functions of the ventilator deflector are:

  1. Prevent small animals and debris from entering the nipple.
  2. Minimizing the interaction of precipitation with ventilation equipment.
  3. Strengthening the thrust and, consequently, increasing the efficiency of the entire system.

Traction strength deflectors



The principle of operation of the chimney draft deflector is as follows.

The outside of the structure creates the necessary resistance due to wind and air masses. Part of the vortex flow comes up the deflector and mixes with the output products. There is an improvement in traction in all equipment due to an increase in internal traction.

Deflector for increasing thrust



Equipment deflector to increase traction is made of materials:

In order to combine economy and durability, manufacturing is most often made of steel or of metal covered with plastic.

Chimney deflector for thrust reinforcement



According to the types of structural design, the traction reinforcement deflectors can be classified into:

The most popular and widely used is Grigorovich's design, which works by air movement in two directions. An increase in the pressure difference occurs here due to the narrowing of the channel.

Mine deflector



The equipment for the deflector in the shafts can also be divided into two types:

  1. Static type. The installation of this connection is possible on round channels, since the nipple type of connection is used. In the rectangular version, an adapter is used that allows the device to be controlled manually or by means of a time relay.
  2. Rotational type. It is a rotating device, working on the strength of the wind. Installation does not provide for electricity supply. It draws moisture, dust and harmful substances.

The device deflector to increase the chimney draft can be made by yourself. In this case, it is necessary to comply with the structural dimensions that ensure the correct installation and installation of equipment.

Ventilation deflector for increasing thrust



If you need to resolve the issue, where the draft deflector to buy, then, first of all, you can apply to online resources. Here you can find both a variety of options for the finished product vent deflector for increasing traction, and its components. In this case, it is usually envisaged that the equipment can be manufactured by measuring and drawing up the customer.

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