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Mounting bowl for fan



Glasses for roof fans



Fire safety systems can be called at the moment complex solutions, which represent the establishment of various elements. In addition to sensors, as well as sprayers, which guarantee the fastest localization of the fire site in a short time, it may also be necessary to install a glass for the fan on the roof.

A beaker for a fan is considered one of the necessary modules directly during the assembly of your smoke removal system. In order to understand the main purpose of such an element as a glass for a ВКР fan, you should familiarize yourself with how the mechanism of this device works completely and what kinds of fans exist.

Roof glasses



Glasses for roof fans, as well as the fans themselves must be made of such materials, which in turn meet all the specific standards and requirements. An excellent option for such purposes can be called high-alloy steels. As a rule, they are coated with a special coating, which due to its properties can prevent the formation of corrosive effects.

Glass for ВКР fan and ВДРДВ



It is necessary to take into account the moment that most of the time the entire structure is open to impact precipitation. Metal is perfect for other conditions of exploitation, which consist in high temperature. Smoke is usually not cold, for this reason, a fan glass, the whole mechanism must withstand from five hundred to nine hundred degrees.

A glass for the fan the price



When carrying out installation work, it is mandatory to adhere to safety rules. One of them is the need for special skills during the installation. Only in this case it will be possible to establish a true glass of the fan, which will perform its basic functions for a long period of time. Undoubtedly , the mounting cup for the fan must be installed by a professional craftsman with the necessary experience of carrying out similar work.

Mounted roof fans



Many are interested in the glass for the fan price. It depends on the material from which the roof cups are made, what they have dimensions. To properly select the mounting glasses of roof fans, you must contact a specialist with all the necessary knowledge and skills that will allow you to install suitable equipment that meets safety standards.

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