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Bleeder valve АЗЕ

Roof fan check valve



Glasses for roof fans - part of the ventilation series, designed for fixing fans, umbrellas, deflectors. Structurally, the beaker is a cylinder-shaped body with a supporting ring in the upper part and supporting elements - at the bottom of the device.

The role of the non-return valve of the roof fan is to prevent cold air into the room when the fan is switched off. The design is a body of cylindrical shape with a special damper, freely rotating, counterbalanced counterweight. Under the influence of air flow, the flap opens and its closure is by its weight when the fan is turned off. Installed on the suction nozzle of ventilation before installation on the glass.

Reverse explosion proof АЗЕ



The design of the valve can be used for explosive industries in the form of a valve AZE device. The equipment is used in ventilation systems with permissible pressure of 1500 Pa and airspeed rate of 6-20 m/s.

The valve can be manufactured and used for vertical and horizontal sections of ventilation ducts at permissible mass speeds up to 4 and 6 m/s, respectively.

Proper selection of the valve and its installation is very important, as this can help prevent a tragedy in the production.

The device is a reverse explosion-proof valve АЗЕ not allowed for use when working with air masses, containing explosive dusts and sticky fibrous materials, as well as in systems where the masses are under high pressure.

Valve reverse АЗЕ price



The approximate price for the valve is reverse explosion-proof price for various model versions can be found on the Internet

The reverse explosion proof АЗЕ price valve may vary depending on the complexity of the design and type of material, retail or bulk order. To specify terms of manufacturing, possibility of delivery and final cost it is possible at dealers of the given kind of the equipment.

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