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Mine local ventilation axial counter-rotation fans ВМЭВО-ВВ

Donventilyator Scientific and Production Association LLC produces standard series of modern local ventilation electric explosion-proof axial counter-rotation fans (ВМЭВО-ВВ) with stationary explosion-proof electric motor (with voltage of 380/660 V or 660/1140 V).

The fans have new high-pressure aerodynamic design specially developed by the experts of Donventilyator Scientific and Production Association LLC assuring optimal operation with extensive ventilation ducts of 0.6-1.4 m in diameter.

Local ventilation ВМЭВО-ВВ fans can stand high static pressure at high output-input ratio even with guide and straightening vanes absent. It makes the fan configuration maximally simple and safe.
In operation the fans are installed in horizontal position with acceptable deviation of the fan axis of ± 30°.

General characteristics of fans

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