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Axial fans of the main ventilation shaft two-stage ВОД

VOD 21 VOD 30

Axial two-stage reversible main ventilation fan



The production facilities require the presence of equipment such as a fan. It is thanks to it that air can be circulated, which is necessary, according to the established safety rules. If we are talking about fans , which will be used in mines, then in this case it is worth to approach the choice of technology responsibly. For this room is suitable axial two-stage reversible fan of the main ventilation.

This model has enough power to allow the movement of stagnant air masses, to carry out ventilation. It is worth noting that the two-stage fan has a relatively large size, so for installation it is necessary to determine in advance the location of equipment in the room.

Axial two-stage reversible fan



To purchase a two-stage fan, it is necessary to first find a model that will be manufactured in accordance with the established ГОСТ. It is necessary to pay attention to such parameters as dimensions of equipment, power, safety. Before buying the equipment, take care in advance of the operation of the wiring in the room, in which it is planned to carry out the installation of the fan in the future.

Two-stage fan: price, cost



Our factory offers you to order such equipment as a two-stage fan. All the equipment that we offer for sale is made of strong and high-quality materials, which is reflected in the service life.

Our organization has been operating for several years. On sale there are models such as a fan of axial ВОД.
If you would like to order a fan ВОД 30, you need to contact the staff of our factory for this.

Axial flow fan - two-step reverse



We recommend visiting the official website of the organization to find out the contact details there. With each requesting customer, the employees of the company work individually. If necessary, you will be consulted for topics of interest to you.

In the manufacture of mine fans, the plant uses state-of-the-art equipment to make high-quality equipment. We provide warranty on purchased fans. If you are interested in the fan ВОД 21 cost, then you can clarify it from the company's employees by making a phone call.

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