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Non-standard equipment for machine building customer

"SPA "Donventilyator" LLC accepts orders for the manufacture of non-standard equipment of machine-building profile according to the drawings of customers.

The equipment, as a system, including various devices, devices and mechanisms, requires a carefully thought out and planned order of interaction between its constituent parts for the most effective work.

Production of equipment according to customer's drawings



To achieve this goal, the documentation for manufacturing is issued and provided in the most complete form. Industry, in which the customer works, can present a variety of requirements for the finished part, but, basically, the manufacturing of equipment according to the customer's drawings is carried out by:

  1. The assembly drawings in the assembly. These drawings give the manufacturer the idea of ​​the relative arrangement of the constituent units;
  2. Drawings of assembly units of equipment. These drawings show the dimensions and tolerances that must be maintained during manufacture;
  3. The specifications of the assembly drawing. These sets of documents give a general idea of ​​the future equipment and its components, assembly units, their material and their necessary exact quantities.

At the order of the manufacturer, the customer can also provide 3D model parts of the unit, a 3D model of the unit in the assembly. This model will help to calculate the strength and help in the manufacture.

Manufacture equipment according to the customer's drawings are taken by companies specializing in the production of certain products and units, and the manufacture is carried out with constant verification and clarification between the customer and the contractor.

Production of non-standard equipment according to customer's drawings



If necessary, non-standard equipment can be manufactured according to the customer's drawings. Usually, production of non-standard equipment according to the customer's drawings is carried out under the direct supervision of highly qualified designers and engineers who control the entire process from obtaining project documentation to transferring the finished equipment to the customer and putting it into operation.

When the order is transferred, the manufacturer sends with the order:

  1. Assembly drawing;
  2. Operation manual;
  3. Copies of certificates for used materials for fabrication;
  4. Permission to apply;
  5. Guarantee for the final product, as well as other possible documents at the request of the customer.

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