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Work on technical diagnostics of mechanical equipment

Vibration diagnosis of machines and equipment



In addition to solving tasks of aerodynamics, rotor dynamics and strength, the technical center engineers are also engaged in the problems of reliability of industrial mechanisms being operated. Nondestructive testing methods used in this allow high-accuracy determining of the state of mechanisms elements, including bearings, and formulate specific steps to ensure failure-free operation of machines.

Specialists of “Donventilyator” engineering and technical center, having a high level of professional skill and modern instrumentation, are ready to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the technical state of rotary-type machines of any technological purpose by methods of nondestructive testing and vibration-based diagnostics. Upon inspection results, the customer receives a detailed technical report with conclusions about the technical state of equipment components and with recommendations on extension of the service life of a specific mechanism.

Vibration diagnostics of bearings, electric motors, pumps



In addition to diagnostics works, our engineers can perform works on balancing of turbomachinery impellers in their own supports of any complexity degree.

The list of defects determined by vibration diagnostics methods:

Consultations on questions of technical diagnostics and balancing:

technical diagnostics engineer Lytaev Alexander

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Vibration diagnostics of equipment



Vibration diagnosis is a technical diagnosis that is based on an analysis of the vibration of the selected object for diagnosis. Vibration diagnosis is currently used for diagnosing pipelines, as well as equipment, which has large dimensions, the oscillations of which are formed due to pulsations of the flow of the technological medium. Also this method is used for machinery equipment, the oscillations of which are created by the movement of its parts or elements.

Rotating elements of machinery are the source of the creation of certain fluctuations in it. It is their analysis that gives us the opportunity to get the most accurate information about the technical state of the selected object.

Vibro-diagnostics services



Vibration diagnostics of machines and equipment allows to determine the presence of various kinds of malfunctions in the system operation. Timely elimination of problems will allow you to prevent failures in work, accidents and so on, which affects security.

At the moment, vibrodiagnostics methods allow you to select for the object such a method of analysis, which will provide the most accurate information about the state of technology. It is worth noting that carrying out vibrodiagnostics allows you to assess the condition of individual parts of equipment.

Vibro-diagnostics balancing



Vibrodiagnostics of electric motors is carried out with the help of modern technology, which allows obtaining results with high accuracy. Vibration diagnostics of the equipment is carried out, including to maintain safety in the workplace and in other industries where the technology is used.

With the help of this procedure, you can identify various kinds of defects, make predictions about the further operation of machinery and so on. The method is used especially in industries related to the processing of oil and other resources.

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