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Axial two-stage smoke exhauster ДОД-28,5, ДОД-31,5



The smoke exhauster is produced according to ТУ У 29.2-24321588-003-2003


Axial two-stage smoke exhausters of ДОД type are intended for suction of smoke gases from coal-fired boiler furnaces with steaming capacity of 640…2650 t/h equipped with efficiently operating electrofilters, as well as for suction of smoke gases from gas-and-oil-fired boiler furnaces of the same steaming capacity.

Axial exhauster



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ДОД Smoke Detector



In order to maintain optimal conditions for work, to find people in the room where boilers function, care should be taken to install a special device that will absorb the generated smoke. Such equipment, as an axial double-stage smoke exhaustor will suck off the flue gases from the boilers.

A distinctive feature of this device can be called that the suction of flue gases by the device is carried out in a short period of time. Thanks to this, the smoke extinguisher copes with its main task quite effectively, which explains the large demand among buyers for this type of device.

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How do I choose a device: ДОД smoke meter?

If you are planning to buy a smoke exhauster for a solid fuel boiler, then you need to consider several important parameters. For example, you can include the shape of the device, its dimensions, the temperature range in which the equipment can function, and so on.

The choice of model directly depends on the conditions of the premises, where in the future the installation of blowing fan. Properly selected equipment can provide security during the execution of its work.

Smoke exhauster for solid fuel boilers



It is important that smoke exhausters for solid fuel boilers are made according to standards, conditions specified in ГОСТ. Only high-quality equipment - the axial exhauster can ensure safety of operation, as well as a long service life.

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Our company offers you smoke exhausters for boilers to buy on favorable terms. We sell only original equipment, so you can have no doubt about its quality.

In order to buy a two-stage axial exhaust fan from our catalog, you need to contact the store staff. You can also ask them questions, if any.

The company offers all customers to make profitable purchases - to receive thus the necessary technique of high quality, service at a high level.

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