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Cyclone ЦН 15 characteristics



Cyclones of ЦН-15 type are intended for dry cleaning of inexplosive unsticking dust from dust-laden gas. The cyclones are applied for dust removal from gases in process procedures of drying, annealing, agglomeration, fuel combustion, as well as for aspiration air cleaning in various branches of industry: ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical, oil industry, building materials industry, energetics, machine-building and other branches.

Operational conditions category 1 under ГОСТ 15150-69.

Kind of climatic version У under ГОСТ 15150-69.

Environmental temperature -40°C … +40°C.

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Show Cyclones of ЦН– 15 TYPE with a “scroll” and pyramid hopper
Show Cyclones of ЦН– 15 type with a purified air cabinet in form of accumulator and pyramid hopper

In order that in a particular room it was possible to maintain certain conditions, for example, air purity special equipment will be needed. To date, a popular device for cleaning dust is a device such as a cyclone.

Many people are interested in the efficiency of the cyclone ЦН 15. It will depend on the power. To know it, you will need technical characteristics for cyclone ЦН 15. They will be spelled out in the document, which is attached to the technique itself when it is purchased.

Cyclone ЦН 15 drawing, price



The majority of buyers are repelled by the price set on the cyclone ЦН 15. It is quite high, therefore, as a rule, such a device is installed in production premises.

When buying, you should pay attention to the cyclone ЦН 15 characteristics, which indicate the main parameters of the device. It is worth noting, that the technology itself is most often installed on the fan. Specify parameters such as power, mounting method, and dimensions.

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The company offers a cyclone ЦН 15 to buy online, which is actually quite convenient. Some buyers, before deciding on a choice, look at the cyclone for the ЦН 15 drawing.

At the moment, the cyclone circuit of the ЦН 15 is available for inspection, but if you have any questions about this technique, then you can simply consult the online store staff who in turn will provide the necessary you information.

Cyclone ЦН 15 buy



The company sells for you such equipment as the cyclone ЦН 15 series of high quality, as all products are original. We guarantee the quality of equipment purchased from us. It is worth noting that the products are presented in the catalog, so you can familiarize yourself with it, its characteristics at any time convenient for you.

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Cyclone type ЦН 15



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The most popular models are the Cyclone ЦН-15 type:

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