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Speed washer СИОТ

СИОТ high-speed washer technical specifications



Used primarily to clean the atmosphere of fine dust, high-speed washer СИОТ is installed in ventilation plants. Dust-free types of dust: cemented, fibrous - These types of dust can cause the device to malfunction. High-speed washer СИОТ technical characteristics has the following:

There are variations of the right and left types, the installation is best done in front of the fan, that is, on the intake of air.

If you need a high-speed washer СИОТ 5 whose price will be low, then only this model is recommended. With constant air pollution with fine dust, you really should buy a high-speed washer, because the constant content of dust in the air not only interferes with effective work, but also is extremely harmful to the body.

Only high-speed cyclone SIOT is able to provide you with clean air without solid dust and foreign contaminants, where you can work safely for the health of employees.

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