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Axial ВОМ fans are designed for ventilation of tunnels and metro stations, as well as for work in ventilation systems of enterprises of other industries. The fans are designed for a long period of operation at a temperature of transported air from -30 ° C. up to + 45 ° C and relative humidity up to 98%. If necessary, the fans can be used to move the gas-air medium with a temperature of up to + 250 ° C for 120 minutes.

ВОМ fans are installed permanently in the ventilation shaft and can be used as stand-alone units or in installations of two fans.

ВОМ fans are structurally manufactured:

The airflow is reversed by changing the direction of rotation of the drive motor shaft.

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People who have been to any metro for the first time are always surprised at the cleanliness and freshness of the air under the ground. Someone uninformed may think that the air flows themselves "walking" through labyrinths of tunnels. Meanwhile, all air is supplied from the surface. To pump such large volumes of our atmosphere, specific equipment is required. A cope with this work is specially made for this fans of the underground.

Tunnel fans



The first task of such aggregates – constantly maintain the circulation of fresh air in tunnels and subway stations. But with success you can buy ВОМ fans for other businesses, in different areas of the industry. The operating temperature range from -30 to +65 degrees Celsius. Relative humidity – not more than 98%. In such conditions, they are designed for a very long service life.

The fan for the subway with acute urgency, short-term, no more than 2 hours, can move a gas-vapor mixture with a temperature of not more than +250 degrees Celsius.

Fan in the ventilation shaft



Fan Features:

A fan is installed in the ventilation shaft both one at a time and, if necessary, two. At the request of the customer, the size of the diffuser is adjusted accordingly to the ventilation chamber.

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