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The aerodynamic design of fans and ventilation systems

The main area of activity of “Donventiljator” Engineering and Technical Center” company is the development and design of axial and radial turbomachines, corresponding to modern requirements for efficiency and operational reliability. Aerodynamic designing of flow sections of axial and centrifugal machines is carried out due to the creation and grounding of the range of effective application for the company’s own method of gas-dynamic calculation and spatial profiling of turbomachine flow sections - TurboMech.

The method is an automated complex of computational, graphic-analytical modules and structured databases containing the results of numerical and experimental studies which allow providing the full cycle of aerodynamic designing of axial and radial turbomachines, taking into account the spatial nature of the operating medium flowing.

Aerodynamic fan design



The development of effective method of gas-dynamic calculation involves systematic experimental studies of the processes taking place in machine flow sections, forming of techniques and methods of controlling these processes, grounding of efficiency criteria, and consideration of spatial nature of flowing in order to revise classical quasisymmetric, one-dimensional computational techniques.

For a decade, the specialists of “ДонВентилятор” Engineering and Technical Center” company have been performing these studies using modern equipment in their own certified laboratory. In order to confirm validity of the analytically-obtained characteristics and demonstrate the aerodynamic characteristics (at Customer's option) of the future machine, model tests are carried out according to the international standard ISO 5801 and ГОСТ 10921-90.

Aerodynamic design of ventilation systems



A significant reduction in the experimental studies proportion, and hence the machine creation time, is possible through the use of modern numerical methods for modeling of three-dimensional viscous flows - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The specialists of “Donventiljator” Engineering and Technical Center” company, in addition to the experimental laboratory, also have a numerical licensed “laboratory” based on IPMFlow software package adapted to the fan construction tasks, which is the development of FlowER and FlowER-U programs.

The mathematical model of the package is based on numerical integration of Reynolds-averaged unsteady Navier-Stokes equations with the use of implicit quasimonotone ENO-scheme of improved accuracy and two-parameter differential SST Menter turbulence model. IPMFlow software package uses equations of perfect gas state, Tammann, Van der Waals with constant and variable heat capacities, IAPWS-95, as well as modified Benedict–Webb–Rubin equation with 32 members.

The numerical results obtained by means of IPMFlow program are in good agreement with the experimental data, because they have the necessary credibility both in qualitative structure of flow and in quantitative assessment, of characteristics, isolated circular arrays and flow sections of turbomachines in general.

 Design of blade systems



In order to improve manufacturability and reparability, and provide high operational reliability indices of fan installations, “Donventiljator” Engineering and Technical Center” provides application of the following technologies:

- designing of effective blade systems based on spatial profiles of impeller blades.

- designing of blade systems with 100% reverse operation based on symmetric profiles of impeller blades.

- designing of blade systems based on leaf blades formed by cylinder surface.

- designing of blade systems based on removable double leaf blades.


- designing of blade systems based on leaf blades formed by cylinder surface.

- designing of radial and axial fans with passive/active means of protection against gas abrasive wear, chemical erosion, etc.

- designing of block-modular plants for radial and axial fans of different technological applications with minimal level of aerodynamic losses.

- designing of anti-stall devices to ensure surge-free operation of turbomachine and expand its application area.

Design of high-pressure axial fans



Having sufficient intellectual and technical tools for the creation of modern turbomachines, “Donventiljator” Engineering and Technical Center” company offers the following packages of services :

1.Calculation of optimal values of diameter, hub-tip ratio, circumferential speed, power and aerodynamic characteristic of fan, taking into account planned changes to aerodynamic network resistance and requirements to regulation.


2. Aerodynamic designing of fan flow section per a given characteristic, determining of the geometry of blade systems and all fan flow section components.


3. Construction of a three-dimensional model of a fan. Assessment of static and dynamic strength.
Selection of materials.


4. Development of a set of design and necessary accompanying documentation for manufacture of a turbomachine. Development of a construction task and installation drawing for design organizations.


5. Production, supervised installation, commissioning, as well as warranty and post-warranty maintenance service, including that with the use of methods of non-destructive testing and vibration diagnostics.

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