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Analysis of the dynamics and strength of machines of any complexity

Анализ динамики Products of Donventiljator Company are classified as modern high-speed turbomachines operating under considerable inertial, temperature and aerodynamic loads. Therefore tough requirements as for static and dynamic strength are posed to equipment.

To provide high rates of equipment reliability Engineering Technical Center applies the latest methods of finite element analysis of automatic behavior of constructions and machines, in particular:


  1. Static and quasistatic strength assessment of turbomachines.
  2. Control of ventilation systems endurance strength.
  3. Analysis of rotor dynamics.
  4. Modelling the nonlinear elastoplastic behavior of materials.
  5. Calculation of contact interaction of machine parts during mounting and combined action.
  6. Calculation of loading on bearing assemblies for the purpose of their selection and examination.
  7. Stationary and nonstationary problems solving according to the scheme “aerodynamics- thermal conductivity- structural analysis” for validated modeling the mechanical behavior of turbomachines.

Modeling the mechanical behavior of turbomachines



For the purpose of reduction in consumption of materials and tension as well as improving the reliability of manufactured products the Engineering Technical Center rapidly develops the application of design solutions and composite materials in elements of turbomachines and turbine plants.

Due to the fact that modelling the mechanical behavior of thin-walled composite assembly parts is a rather knowledge-intensive process, the specialists of Engineering Technical Center conduct experimental and basic research in this field.


Structural analysis of turbomachines and turbines



Based on deep theoretical knowledge and long-term experience in design, production and service of ventilation systems of various technological applications the Engineering Technical Center provides services associated with structural analysis of turbomachines and turbine plants:

  1. Static and dynamic strength assessment of turbomachines including analysis of elastoplastic behavior and plastic flow of assembly parts, endurance strength, rotor dynamic, nonlinear contact behavior related to nonstationary aerodynamic and automatic behavior.
  2. Technical diagnostics of turbomachine state, causes of destruction of turbomachine elements with consequent theoretical underpinning using the methods of finite element structural analysis as well as development of design solutions as for elimination and prevention of problems.
  3. Aerodynamic design of turbomachines according to preset parameters providing high rates of efficiency and reliability.

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