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Axial fans


Axial fans

In the modern world, for a quality air purification and microclimate preservation, an assembly such as an axial exhaust fan is installed. The principle of operation of such a ventilation system is the drawing or pumping of air masses. On our site you can see and buy an axial fan.

Axial fan is the simple unit, its work is to rotate the axis on which the impeller is mounted. The impeller blades move along the axis, while moving the air. The air mass moves from the center to the perimeter of the circle.

Axial exhaust fan



Fan elements:

Nowadays, ventilation systems are widely used. Axial fan industrial is usually installed in industrial plants, but also suitable for large areas. With such a construction, the blade can be more than a meter.

Axial fan industrial



The main types of axial fans.

Depending on where the unit is installed, there are: floor, ceiling, roof, wall and other.

On purpose are divided into: an axial fan for drawing to apply to remove unpleasant odors of evaporation; For airing, injectors are used; housing ensure the circulation of air and cool electrical appliances.

General fans are used in places of increased danger.

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Axial exhaust fans have several advantages:


  1. the design will not withstand heavy loads;
  2. the air pressure generated by the unit is small.

Axial exhaust fans, industrial



Our site also features a radial axial fan. A radial fan propagates the air to the center of the axis from the space.

Another type that can be used in the ventilation system & ndash; this is a channel fan – the device is easy to install and it has a low noise level. Can complement the system or be an independent installation.

The axial price fan is listed on our website.