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Cyclone ЦН



What is a cyclone? In fact, this equipment for cleaning gases and liquids from dust. СИОТ are used in many industrial areas and even in some vacuum cleaner models for the purification of suspended particles. The inertial working principle with the use of gravitational and centrifugal forces makes it possible to work most effectively at a reduced price. These dust catchers today are the most common devices for the industry. Cyclones TsN buy today is profitable.

Cyclone СИОТ



Why do you need a СИОТ cyclone?

In addition to production purposes, cyclones can be used for large vehicles, especially for trucks. The cyclone whose characteristics allow preliminary cleaning of the air, subsequently directs it directly to the internal combustion engine. Subsequently, the next stage of cleaning is carried out, inertial-oil type air filter "Dry" option. The drawings of the cyclones of the ЦН will tell more about this process.

Such equipment is advantageous for use in elevator conditions during the transportation, handling, reloading and storage of grain products. At each of the stages of a complex process, a multitude of particles, organic and mineral, are thrown into the air. Because of them pollution of small fractions occurs, there is a risk of fire and explosion.

Cyclone ЦН characteristics



In production at industrial enterprises for the extraction of grain, one of the most important tasks to be achieved are:

To solve such complex tasks, industrial enterprises for processing grain use ventilation systems for dedusting. They include two types of equipment:

  1. Equipment for ventilation;
  2. Apparatus for aspiration.

Cyclone ЦН



The cyclone ЦН has one role in this case - industrial air purification during the processing of grain and related materials. Such equipment is easy to maintain and very easy to use due to its design. The price is also low on the cyclone, the price is very high, the resistance is reduced.

Such plants today are the most popular in comparison with other types of equipment for mechanical dust removal. Cyclone ЦН technical characteristics demonstrates worthy.

How does it work?

The СИОТ rinse works just fine. The flow of raw gas enters that apparatus from the top of the pipe. As a result, a constantly rotating gas flow in the equipment is obtained. In the direction it always moves downward, moving further to the conical part of the working equipment.

Centrifugal force, that is, inertia, removes all the settled particles on the walls of this equipment. Then all this picks up the secondary flow and is completely output to the bottom. Pollution passes into a special hole for release in the bunker. Here the dust is collected. Gas streams are cleaned of all contaminants, from below it goes back upward.