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Dust fans


Dust fans

Fans for the underground are necessary in order to maintain clean air, remove from the tunnels of contaminants, fumes, harmful to the health of gas. It is worth noting that the technique in this case can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

Metro Fans



Fans of the underground photo One of the tasks for which Metro fans are needed is the creation under the ground of a special climate for a person who is necessary for comfortable well-being. Such parameters are important, The temperature, humidity and transparency of the air. There are special documents in which the norm of the parameters is indicated. It must necessarily be observed.

Also, fans are necessary to prevent the occurrence of a thermal effect under the ground, which may be due to the heat generated by the equipment.

Each metro station has its own intake fan, which directs fresh air from the street inside. Before the air flow is underground, it first passes through the filtration. At this stage, dust is cleared.

Tunnel fans for the main ventilation of subways



Tunnel fans of the main airing of subways are designed for a long period of work. It should be noted that they function at a temperature in the range from minus thirty to plus forty-five. At the same humidity of air should be up to ninety-eight percentі.

It is important to regularly inspect the fans that are used in subways. This will allow timely detection of any problems and take appropriate measures to eliminate them.

Manufacture of fans for subways engaged in specialized plants. While working, all the standards that are set by ГОСТ must be observed without fail.