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Dust units


Dust units

On our website you can buy dust fans at an affordable price, after you apply for the purchase of products. Radial fans include an impeller, it is located in a spiral housing. During the rotation of the wheel, the air that enters the channels between its blades, moves radially to the periphery of the wheel.

Fans for radial dust



Radial dust fans can not be used without a duct network. In order to reduce vibration during the operation of the unit, it is recommended to supply them with a flexible insert and vibration isolators permanently.

In the catalog of our store you will find photos on dust fans, characteristics. Professional masters quickly and qualitatively perform the work of different levels of complexity.

Turning to us, you will be able to install in your production room BP dust fans, which are of excellent quality, are reliable and durable in use.

Dust fans ВРП are designed to carry various air mixtures that do not contain explosive substances. This type of equipment is common in production. On our site we offer original dust fans, the price for them is low.

With the help of our specialists, you will be able to realize your ideas and optimize production. In our shop you can order dust fan snail inexpensively. In such equipment, the blades of the impeller draw in air, then the mixture deviates at a right angle and enters the cochlea, after which it is discarded.

Dust centrifugal fan snail



ВРП is made of steel or various alloys. The main tasks of the device are ventilation, air heating, air conditioning. Depending on the type, the equipment has a different modification that meets the customer's requirements.

Dusty centrifugal fan is used in systems of dust-cleaning plants, on pneumatic transport, for the removal of wood shavings, dust from woodworking equipment, slags, dust in industrial production, for the transportation of grains, waste.

Radial fans are used in conditions of moderate, tropical climate 2, 3 categories of accommodation. The operating conditions of such devices assume the transfer of gas-air masses at t no more than 80 degrees Celsius.