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Exhaust Fans


Exhaust Fans

Pulling machines, smoke exhausters, fans



Exhauster (exhauster industrial) is a special fan, used usually in various industries for sucking in polluted air and cleaning the room of dust, harmful gases, impurities and waste, and also unpleasant odors. A typical design of an industrial fire extinguisher consists of:

  1. Two plates (blades) entering the impeller;
  2. Casing (box) for air circulation;
  3. Suction and discharge nozzles;
  4. Rolling shaft;
  5. Bunker;
  6. Flaps.

Industrial Exhauster



The principle of operation of such devices as blowing machines, smoke exhausters, fans, is as follows. The wheel blades rotate and create a continuous supply of vortex air in the direction of the rotor, then into the furnace of domestic boilers for vacuum, which allows continuous extraction of harmful substances.

The number of advantages of this device significantly exceeds the number of defects:

Exhauster in metallurgy



Disadvantages are manifested in the process of work and are insignificant.

The device smoke exhaust fans and smoke exhausters is widely used in boiler and heating installations to remove harmful flue gases and combustion products. In their work, smoke exhausters and fans are used by firefighters during extinguishing of fires to reduce the concentration of smoke and its toxicity indoors, as well as to reduce the overall temperature. There are portable and stationary - trailer smoke exhausters.

The exhauster in metallurgy is very widely used, for example in sintering industry, which significantly affects the efficiency of blast furnaces, the fan is one of the main components. In doing so, he performs the creation of vacuum under the grate during the process.

The material for the manufacture of fans such as blowers is carbon or stainless steel. Also, heterogeneous explosion proof materials (steel, brass) can be used.

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Desirable conditions for the operation of the unit:

  1. The right choice of lubricants for work;
  2. The temperature of the incoming gases, depending on the purpose of the installation, is up to 300 °C.

On the sites of ventilation equipment, you can view information about the model of the smoke exhauser, its production characteristics, temperature and other features and working conditions, as well as to buy an exhauster at a suitable price or make a preliminary order for manufacturing.