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Medium-pressure radial fans


Medium-pressure radial fans

The fan should be used in those rooms where ventilation can not cope with its task - air circulation. In some production conditions without equipment such as a fan, simply not enough to maintain the conditions in the room, according to established standards.

Types of fans.

There are several types of this equipment, each of which is necessary for use under certain conditions. When choosing a model, the scale of the room and other parameters are taken into account. It is worth paying attention to this characteristic of the fan, like power. There are the following types of equipment: medium pressure dust fans, centrifugal fans of medium pressure, a radial fan of medium pressure, and so on.

Medium-pressure radial fan



Where can I get quality equipment?

If you need to provide optimal conditions for finding and working indoors, you need medium-pressure axial fans or a different kind, then our company offers you to place an order that is right for you. The choice of equipment is wide enough, as you can see for yourself.

With our radial fans, moving stagnant air masses will take place in the room, which will ensure the arrival of fresh air. The most important thing is to choose a suitable fan model. If you have any difficulties, then in this case our specialists will be able to carry out a consultation for you.

If you need to buy medium pressure fans or another type of equipment, then you should know that our company has set low prices, including medium-pressure radial fans.

Medium pressure centrifugal fan



Buying any technique in the company, you can be sure of its high quality. As for the radial fan of medium pressure ВР, and for other models of fans, there is a warranty period.

Company advantages:

  1. low hardware prices
  2. high quality of service;
  3. shipping;
  4. the guarantee for the purchased goods.

The company offers you also the delivery of equipment. If you want, for example, a medium pressure radial fan to buy, then the equipment will be delivered to you within a short period of time.

Fans, which are sold by our company, suitable for installation in a production room to ensure air circulation. You can make a purchase order at any time. To clarify the conditions under which the sale and delivery is carried out, you can contact the company's employees.

Radial fans of medium pressure ВЦ



General information about fans.

The medium pressure centrifugal fan is used wherever natural ventilation can not cope. Depending on the size of the enterprise, a specific type of fan is selected. When selecting, pay attention to the power to increase the amount of fresh air entering the room.


A medium-pressure radial fan is used to circulate air masses and clean stagnant air. Heating space is also one of the functions. Used in exhaust systems to remove and purify gaseous mixtures. This should not come across sticky and fibrous materials. Allowed 100 mg/m of dust and debris.


Radial fan of medium pressure BP:

Radial fan of medium pressure BP



The radial fan of medium pressure BP 288-46 is manufactured according to the specifications of ТУ У 29.2-24321588-001-2002:

The capacity of a medium-pressure radial fan can reach up to 62,000 m/h. And also increased power due to a high pressure of 3000 Pa.

How it works.

Depending on the direction in which the spiral of the snail is directed, air will be sucked into it. It can rotate from 45 degrees to 315. Centrifugal radial fans of ВЦ can rotate the cochlea and this will improve the installation of equipment and ducts.