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Radial fans for smoke removal


Radial fans for smoke removal

To combat the hot gas-flame mixture in fires, there are special appliances, smoke fans, which are able to pump carbon monoxide from the room. A fire can start from one spark and take the lives of many people. In this case, carbon monoxide is often more dangerous than the flame itself. Therefore, the use of such devices is necessary everywhere.

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What is a smoke fan?

This is a special device that is used for pumping smoke from a building and cleaning the air. It should be placed in the ventilation system, so it can be built into the walls or mounted on the roof of the building. Roof fans are particularly popular, since roofs of structures are usually not used, and for their placement you do not need to use a free room inside the house.


Types of roof fans smoke.

Roof fans are able to remove gases through a screw with blades. The device must be installed directly in the chimney. When choosing such a device for a private house, of course, the price is important, but you need to pay attention to the fact that the smoke exhaust fan is suitable for the chosen building or room in its appearance.

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Axial fan smoke.

This is the simplest of all kinds of fans. Its basis is a screw with blades, which are in a special case and rotate in it. An electric motor is provided for driving the blades. When rotating, the blades form a low pressure, into which the carbon monoxide is drawn in and out.

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Diagonal fan of smoke extraction.

Consists of a body and an impeller with blades, which, when rotated, move parallel to the axis. These fans are small in size, fairly light and do not need maintenance. At the same time, they produce little noise and are characterized by good performance.


The fan of the smoke exhaust is radial.

Looks like a wheel for spinning, having bent forward or backward blades. Such fans are very powerful, but also very noisy. At work, they create a perceptible vibration, so they are most often used in production facilities, rather than in households.


Years of effective operation of such devices have repeatedly confirmed the need to buy and install a smoke exhaust fan to protect their lives from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning in the event of a fire. Currently, the smoke fan - this is a highly efficient and widely used device for purifying air from combustion products.

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Safety requires the installation in some areas of equipment such as a smoke exhaust fan radial. With its help it will be possible to carry out movement of air masses, air circulation. Thus, the BP smoke exhaust fan will allow the replacement of the stagnant air in the room with fresh air if the ventilation system is insufficient to cope with this task.


Features of the choice of technology.

If you need a smoke fan to buy, then you should pay attention to such parameters as the dimensions of the equipment, its power, safety. Installation of the equipment should be carried out in the room where the wiring works. To get rid of the smoke from the smoke generated from work will allow the fan of smoke removal systems. Choosing a high-quality technique, you can be sure that it will perfectly cope with its task.

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Where can I buy a BP radial smoke fan?

Our plant has been producing fans for various premises for several years. The assortment has a large number of models, among which you can find the option that is suitable for various parameters for installation in your premises.

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The factory provides a guarantee on the purchased radial fans, which allows you not to worry about the quality of the equipment.

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