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Roof fans


Roof fans

For any room an important role is played by the fire safety index. Provide it will help the system of doubling the smoke, which is why it is necessary to have roof fans for smoke removal, which should be taken care of in advance. Today, manufacturers of such equipment are offered by its manufacturers.


Protection for the roof fan

It is worth noting the fact that, due to the resolution features, the roof radial fan needs additional protection. For this purpose, a special mesh is installed, as well as a protective hood. These measures are necessary, each of the objects fulfills its specific function. Note that the grid is installed in order to protect the roof fan for drawing from the wind, and the main purpose of the hood is to protect it from various precipitations.

Roof fans for smoke extraction



Fan roof radial photo Hardware Installation

The rotary centrifugal fan itself can be installed in several ways. For this reason, the following types of equipment are distinguished: universal, multichannel, as well as non-channel. The type of equipment is determined depending on which object the installation is required to perform. For example, for single-level roofs, no-channel equipment is suitable.


Equipment Types

At the moment there are many kinds of fans, each of which has its own characteristics. For example, a roof-mounted explosion-proof fan is used for installation in those facilities where there is a high probability of an explosion. Such equipment is used in mines, facilities where toxic substances are handled, and so on. Another type - industrial roof fans - is used in industrial facilities.

When choosing a fan, it is recommended to consult a specialist who will help you purchase the most suitable model.

Industrial roof fans



Roof fan for photo extraction Quality of equipment

It is recommended to purchase similar roof equipment from manufacturers. It is important to pay attention to the roof fans ГОСТ, because safety in this case above all. For this reason, it is also not worth saving your money to buy equipment.


Thus, it can be concluded that the presence of such a fan is necessary to ensure safety. This issue should be given attention and responsibly addressed to it.

The installation of a roof fan should be trusted exclusively by an experienced professional in his field. When purchasing equipment, it is also necessary to clarify in advance the issue regarding warranty period and service.